Friday, 24 May 2013

Phuket Trip! (DAY 1 - 2)

So it was kind of an impromptu decision just 2 weeks before our exams that we decided on going to Phuket to celebrate our 4th year anniversary cum our "graduation trip".. 

Cus' actually we were considering a few places with our tight budget as we have already spent alot of our savings on our Taiwan trip last october and so we only had a budget of $1100+ to spend on this trip... And thus, we both came up with a few places like Club Med Bintan, Langkawi, Bali (and the list goes on...) Oh anw, this time we also decided not to go for a shopping trip firstly, due to budget wise and also cus we wanted more of a relaxing getaway where we get to explore more and play more too! :)

So back to why we didn't choose any of the places above was cus' although we picked those places out but didn't really have that "OK SO WE GO THERE!!!" kinda excited feel you know... So we delayed and delayed and continued to research around until we finally "decided" on Langkawi. I even told my mum i would be going to Langkawi so she originally thought we had already made up our mind to go to Langkawi.. But what made me change my mind was due to the price of the air ticket! When i was checking around on the air tix price to Langkawi, it was around i think $180+? And then Jetstar sent me an email showing me sale fares and then 'BAM!' I was totally taken away when i saw Phuket's air ticket being so cheap! I mean to be exact our return air tix to Phuket was $208 each and so i thought it was so worth it right? I mean going further and only an extra about $20+ and i was having more of an excited feel for Phuket than Langkawi you know.. Since Langkawi is part of Malaysia haha.

So yes, i immediately told zh how cheap was the airfare and we researched more about Phuket and we were totally ON about it! HAHAHA. Like totally excited about it! *and that was during our study week bwahahah*

So I went to book our air tix and we started researching on which resort we wanna stay in cus since i mentioned earlier that we wanted a relaxing trip this time, we did not wanna stay in just a hotel where there might not be good facilities and nice ambience. So we chose to stay in a resort and honestly speaking, it was not easy finding a good resort. We depended all on 's reviews and we filtered down till quite a few but we were still delaying our booking cus some were really nice but didn't have what we want while some had what we want but terrible location etc.. So it was quite tough balancing what we want VS Location and stuff.. But i'm glad we finally decided on Sea Sun Sand Resort and Spa at Patong Beach Phuket.

Firstly, its really reasonably priced for a resort of its quality.. Except that service is not that super-friendly kind but they are not rude as well! What i mean is that if you are expecting those kinda resort where the staffs will very happily greet you each time they see you then you will be dissapointed when you are there. The service is more of those "initiative" kind where when you need them then you go and look for them. If not most of the staffs will not talk to you initiatively..

However, that aside, we absolutely enjoyed our stay there! The room was GREAT, Swimming pool was PURFECTT, GYM was well-equipped and ultra-comfy and the whole ambience was just superb! Sunset could be viewed from our room and from the swimming pool and the mega huge Jacuzzi Rooftop Pool! We were really lucky as the swimming pool and the whole rooftop place for people to chill and watch the sunset was just infront of our room! Some of the deluxe rooms were at lower levels and at the other part of the resort where it was less happening and also the view would not be as nice! So thank god, we were really happy about the location of our room! I think it might be cus' i requested for Higher Floor when booking of our room through!
It was quite reasonable the rate we got it at with breakfast included!

Sorry for all those naggy explanations! Just hoped that it would help those that are interested in going ;) Its really not expensive especially if you go for lesser days and maybe stay at a cheaper resort.. We spent quite a lot cus' we went for a full week and its actually still not enough for us :p i mean i would loveeee to continue exploring even more islands and stuff but by the time we reached our 4th/5th day we started to really budget our spendings cus we really brought quite little there to spend :p hehe i'm quite impressed with our spendings there actually.. Shall disclose it later~


So yeap, after 2 weeks of waiting and after our exams ended, we left immediately the day after zh finished his last paper cus i finished a day earlier than him! So i did the last minute booking of tours and printing of air tix etc.. and then the day came!!!!! I was sooooo excited hehe that i couldn't slp a few days before and i researched so much as well to make sure our trip would be fun and fulfiling! x

Finally 28/2 came and we were off to Phuket! We purposely booked a flight in the afternoon cus i thought since we would be there for a week there was no need to rush and go early in the morning since we could only check in aft 3pm (i think). Furthermore, if i didn't rmb wrongly, the morning flights were either fully booked or cost much more so it wasn't worth it too! So we slowly made our way to the airport, shop around as usual (I'm a hardcore Kiehl's addict, my mum too!) So she would always ask me to help her buy and i would always get cosmetics at the airport too cus its rly rly much cheaper! Save you SUPER ALOT. 

Sidetracking abit, ever since i started using Kiehl's since like 3years+ ago, i have influenced zh to use it, my mum, bro, zh's mum(whom we address as mumsie) and even some of my relatives! Its rly rly good and buying it at the airport is rly cheeappppp! Fo real. So rmb to stop by their store at T2 before you fly off~

So when we got into the boarding area, we were quite surprised to see that almost 90% of the people flying to Phuket were angmohs! I thought there would be more Singaporeans.. And later on when we got to Phuket, we were even more surprised to see that 70% were angmohs, 25% were from China! I mean i didn't know Phuket was a popular tourist destination amongst the Chinese till recently.. HAHA.

My #ootd to Phuket! Super casual i know haha..

Darb's #ootd as well and this was taken when we reached Phuket's airport.

Pardon my no makeup + super casual outfit pic.. I thought since i was going to a super hot and "beachy" area. I might as well hahaha.
We wanted to take random pix of the 'real phuket life' to show our parents hahaha!
And srsly, Thailand is said to have rly beautiful sunsets at its beach areas.. 101% true~

Taken from our resort's rooftop bar area.

And.....TADAH! Our resort!

He just LOVES swimming.. Like everyday he will ask me to swim w him/ if i refuse to(cuz i'm lazy like that~) then he will ask me to watch him swim haha.
#nofilter #sunset #again HAHAHA

Oh yes.. i rly wanted to say how amazed i was with their lift.. It was so modernised. Touch-screen lift HAHA. We don't even see this often in SG. 

Our resort was rly like a hidden paradise. Every night when we reach our resort while walking to our room me and zh never fail to be mesmerised by it.. It's really beautiful and relaxing just seeing it.

Conference room area~



So yeapp.. End of first day aft exploring around the resort and around patong beach and also settling all our tours for the next few days! ;)

Start of second day was breakfast then to our Phang Nga  4 in 1 tour (if i'm not wrong haha cus' its been so long i have forgotten which one exactly :p but you can just check from the website and choose the tour you like!) I booked through recommended by Soh hwee! Their tours are very well organised and good!
Waiting at our lobby for our driver to come pick us up to the pier~

This was taken right outside our hotel to let everyone see the streets at patong beach look like ;)

We had to take this "tuk-tuk" kinda bus to arrive right infront of the boat cuz the pier's very big so it would be quite far to walk to the boat.
HAHA zh eating the banana provided on the boat!

Fruits aboard for us to eat~

There were many people on the boat! we were like the youngest couple lol. Everyone asked us if we were on honeymoon haha.

If you can spot beside zh there's like small mountains hahaha thats Phang Nga Bay! Our destination!!
We made friend with an australian guy on board the ship! He was rly friendly and we chatted alot w him :) Great to make friends overseas! And he asked me to take a shot of this super circular looking island made of bushes LOL.
Lovin' the sky that day x
And then i had to start doing my thanggggg~ LOL

Yay! And off to canoe into a super dark cave! Really a very good experience i must say! I don't even mind gg again!! I felt like we were back to the oldern days and it was sucha great time exploring ;) And to make things even better, our canoe guide (the guy behind zh) was super super friendly to us! 

Oh and in phuket, for almost all the tour trips u follow they will take pix of you and print it out at the end of the trip and ask if you wanna buy. We rly liked our shot taken at Hong Island later on but we felt that it was a scam to pay $8 SGD for it.. But this guide actually took the effort to go take the pic and waited for us near our bus to give it to us at the end of the trip.. Me and bb were rly touched ;( Thais are such nice ppl xx 

Headin' towardz the cave~~ *excited*

Inside the cave! It was rly dark! All the guides had to hold torches and at the same time row the canoe.. Rly thumbz up fo them cuz it's rly hard to control the canoe! I tried later on and i kept turning round and round, couldn't get the direction right and can't rly move forward LOL.

We had to lie down during the ride inside the cave due to these "rock ceilings" being to low and we will hit our head if we don't.

Taken at an area outside the cave~
Best bf cum travel partner <3
Our super cheerful guide! LOVE HIM!
See what i mean.. He even came up w creative ideas to take pix using my cam through this heart-shaped leave when i thought i was the most creative alr LOL. 

This was the part where he gave us a chance to try canoeing! We both failed terribly lol.. Rly can't judge the direction its going!

Doing my thang' againzzzz

Me tryin' hard to prove I CAN CANOE!
Finally give up and just concentrate on takin' pix lol.

Goin' back to our boat to leave for the next destination! The beautiful Hong Island to canoe again :)
Hong Island: Which means 'room island'.. Because when you pass through the cave "door", it's literally paradise inside.

Our guide being funny again haha

We saw this big jellyfish on our way cruising back to the boat and our guide using the canoe 'thing' haha to bring it up to show us! Rly looks like jelly! I wna touch it haha.

Back to the boat for buffet lunch prepared fo us while going to the next destination which takes more than an hour.. Yes, we travelled alot by car and boat that few days. 
Rly nice and scrumptious variety prepared fo us! 

Reached James Bond Island finally! And takin' pix w this erm..... big stone wall thats kinda collapsed a lil' i think??

Nah! The famous James Bond Island made famous by a james bond film very long ago! Its nth much actually haha i won't go to James Bond again if i'm there.. Rly just nth much except a nail like small island in the middle of nowhere haha.

Ok one thing i have to say is.. I take such nice shots for zh at least looks like his hand is carryin' it right? Pls take a look below how he takes mine HAHAHAH not even close lo my hand!

See what I mean???
[Attempt 1]

erm..[Attempt 2]
And [Attempt 3] which still..erm......FAILED hahahah
Just more pix taken around the island~

With our new Australian (Sydney to be exact my fav city!) friend ;)

Back to the hotel for a short swim and aft bathing we went out to have dinz and shop around!

This was taken on a tuktuk on our way to ze trip advisor number one recommendation: No. 6 Restaurant!

Really good food served there! Bb even just mentioned to me ytd that he misses their onion rings cuz its damn dope!  Not v ex too! Quite cheap compared to sg prices.

Long queue outside the restaurant..

Camwhore while waiting!

Our Watermelon and Mango Shake which is damn good and CHEAPPP! Drinks there are damn cheap pls.

This tastes like our satay 'cept that its in a big piece.

Phad Thai which was nice to bb but not to me cuz i don't rly like thai food.. But it was good nonetheless!

Zh enjoyin' his food as usual~ Piggy~

So yeap! End of day 1 & 2! :)

Sorry i blogged our Phuket trip only aft 2 over months.. Was so busy working the moment i was back :(

But still, hope it can help those that are planning fo a trip there! Will come back w the rest of the days soon :) If you have any questions can ask me too! I am very happy to be able to help lol.

And you can also watch our Phuket video if you haven't fo more details of our trip ;)

Till next time,